Welcome to the magical world of Super Ego, where simple lines become whole worlds one can explore, and systems are mere grains of sand in the palm of our hand. Hey that rhymed. Umm, it's weird talking about myself in 3rd person, so hey, hi, here I am. My name is Super Ego and I'm a rapper and producer. Rare breed, I know. I'm currently based in Milwaukee and I have a band, with whom I perform with sometimes. I also perform solo with my trusty mpc, a behemoth of a beat machine. Common themes I talk about in my music: mental health, the contrast, the irony and hilarity of life itself, poverty, struggle, pain, love, and everything in between. I also rap about my cats and snacks. Welp, I'll leave you to it.. have a fun journey and I'll catch you on the flipside! (what movie's that from?)

Assumptions T-Shirt
  • Assumptions T-Shirt

Assumptions T-Shirt

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High quality t-shirt with awesome Super Ego lyrics on them and a vintage picture of pinkies up!

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This is my most recent project, Elevator Music. It's a 7 track EP all about living in poverty, dealing with PTSD and mental health struggles, and working through it all. It's all jazzy beats made by me, with vocals all by me as well. I recently released a video for the title song.. I hope you enjoy!